Your Solution to Breakfast: PB & Banana Overnight Oats

Your Solution to Breakfast: PB & Banana Overnight Oats
overnight oats

You may have heard the benefits of breakfast and even it’s importance in maintaining weight loss, but you still struggle with this meal. Why? Time is generally the most common reason we push breakfast aside and either skip it or reach for a high-sugar breakfast bar instead. Weight management is not about hoping or wishing. It’s about having a strategy and having a plan to being successful long-term.

Overnight Oats is one of the most popular meal prep strategies and make ahead recipes for breakfast (or to use for any meal/snack for that matter). It’s not a fad, and it’s nothing outrageous to put together. It’s just an easy way to save time in the morning and provide your body with the nutrients, protein, fiber and energy to start your day.

What Are Overnight Oats? It’s equal parts rolled oats and liquid (plant-based milk and yogurt if you include dairy in your diet), plus any add-ins you want like nuts, seeds or fruit (banana and berries are the most popular). You can get really creative and even go for something like “carrot cake oats” by mixing in shredded carrots, raisins, and carrot juice for your liquid. Toppings are endless and the best thing yet? NO COOKING REQUIRED!

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