1200 Calories Andhra Diet Plan For Weight Loss (Telugu cuisine)

1200 Calories Andhra Diet Plan For Weight Loss (Telugu cuisine)

Andhra diet plan for weight loss
This 1200 calorie Andhra Diet Plan for Weight Loss was tough to plan. Telugu food is one of the yummiest and spiciest foods in Indian cuisine and people who have fallen for it or have grown up having it for years may have actually become ‘addicted’ to it. I am sure they must be finding it very difficult to exercise portion control. Those hot and sour chutneys, mouth watering snacks, and super Tasty Andhra biryani may makes your commitment to your dietary routine unstable as you tend to give in to the demand of your taste buds.

Here we present an Andhra diet plan for weight loss. This Andhra diet plan for weight loss will help you stick to your dietary routine while celebrating the ever-appealing taste of your culture:

Andhra Diet Plan For Weight Loss (Telugu Cuisine)

Here is a detailed 1 day Andhra diet plan for weight loss. You can find some more options at the end of the table.

 1 glass Warm water with Lemon —– ——
 1 cup Tea(without sugar) 35 4
 2- Marie biscuits 56
Total calories-91 Protein – 4
3 pieces of idli  120  3
1 soup bowl Anapakaya sambar 152 11
1 Tbl spoon kottimera chutney 30
Total calories-302 Protein – 14
 koddiguddu telasona omlette (2 whites) 75 4.2
 2 slices Toasted brown bread (without butter) 100 3
Total calories- 175 Protein-7.2
 1 Apple / Mixed fruit bowl (60 gms) 40
Green Tea (No Sugar) —- ——
1 soup bowl (50 gms uncooked) dampadu biyyam 200 4
1 soup bowl kurralu sambar  152 11
1 bowl Kachumber 75 5
Total calories-427 Proteins-21
10 minutes,walk post lunch + 1 cup warm water with lemon / Green tea (no sugar)
 1 cup Green tea / Coffee (without sugar) 35 2
 2 Wheat Rusk 80 2
Total calories-105 Protein-4
 1 Soup bowl Godhuma Rawa veg Upama with lemon 152 4
 1 bowl Ullipaya and Kerradosa Raita 100 7
 Salad 30 2
 1 bowl Peruguannam (curd rice ) 100 5
Total calories-380 Protein – 18
 10 minutes,walk post dinner + 1 cup warm water with lemon / Green tea (no sugar)
 1 glass Warm water with lemon
4 Soaked almonds 20 3
Total calories – 20 Total Proteins – 3
Total calories=1238 Total protein=56.2

This Andhra diet plan for weight loss provides 1238 calories and 56 grams of protein. If you are looking for more options , you can always have pesarattu with coriander chutney ,and plain dosa with sambar. If you belong to telangana, and love eating ragi , you can substitute the lunch options with ragi balls with rasam or sambar or even ragi dosa with sambar. If you are a Biryani fan , try to experiment with your cooking , use brown rice .

Andhra diet plan for weight loss was challenging for me to make . I was just not able to sum up the calories as per the weight loss demands . I am sure that following this low-calorie Telugu cuisine diet would be equally challenging. The original Andhra cuisine is made up of gravy laden veggies and meat, varieties of vada , lentil preparations , Varieties of rotis and of course it’s world famous Hyderabad biryani. How can i not mention the varieties of pickle With the fact “something is better than nothing” holding greater relevance in your attempt to stick to a low-fat Andhra diet, it definitely makes sense if you prepare and train your mind to accept Andhra delicacies in their lighter shades. Helping you enjoy the original yet a lighter version of Andhra cuisine.

Weight Loss Tips to Follow While on Low calorie Telugu diet plan

Here we present a few tips that will keep you motivated while allowing you to stay committed to this Andhra diet plan for weight loss.

• Avoid binge eating so that you feel hungry before your meals and enjoy your meals. Even Bhagvath Geeta says that not eating between the meals is equivalent to “Upavas”.

• If you feel hungry between meals, consider having a fresh fruit. But ensure that you do not pair it up with something like custard or ice-creams.

• You need just 150 grams of cooked rice in one meal. so do not over do the quantity.

• Just 2 rotis, which are equivalent to 30 grams of wheat flour are sufficient for one meal.

• Rice is a substitute for roti and vice versa. There’s no need to take both at the same time. Ideally, you should have two meals with rotis and one with rice or two meals with rice and one meal with rotis.

• Have vegetables and dals in equal or greater quantities compared to rice or rotis.

• Consider drinking 300-350 grams of buttermilk made from low-fat curd

• Telugu curries are delicious and let them remain delicious. Add soya-meal in your curries to add volume to your curries without guilt.

• Try to cook vegetables with the skin on. This specially applies to vegetables such as radish, pumpkin, carrots, bottle gourd, and ridge gourd. Skin is fiber which will help in effective discharge of bowels

• You cut veggies in big pieces while using them in Sambar and so you do not need to peel them off.

• For gavial, we remove veggie skins and so you can add these skins when you grind the masala.

• You have permission to indulge in fried items and ice-creams occasionally. We don’t ask you to become Sadhu, but we do expect that you respect your commitment. If you are having high-fat foods, skip the next meal. Take two-three glasses of buttermilk or lassi to push down the high-fat stuff through your intestines.

• Avoid ripe-mangoes and bananas as these fruits have high calorie content.

• Consider including papaya and pears as these fruits can fill your stomach and most importantly, they are low in calories.

• People with irregular meal timings are prone to become obese. When you have irregular meal timings, your body feels confused and starts saving fat for the rainy days. That explains why mothers and grandmothers are obese even when they observe fast for long hours during occasions. They tend to consume high-fat prasadam such as Pooran Poli and Vadas after breaking their fast which gets converted to fat eventually. When you fast or have irregular schedule, your body starts storing fat. So make sure you are eating the right foods at the right time.

• Replace normal tea with black tea. You can add lemon and honey in your black tea to use it as a cleansing agent. Sugar has a lot of calories and milk takes longer time to get digested and hence it is better to keep it out of your routine if you are really looking to fulfill your weight loss goals.

• You may prepare paneer, curd, and buttermilk from low-fat milk or you may consider having soya-milk as well. Take a step ahead and prepare soya-milk at home. They are healthier and purer that the ones available in the market.

• Include ample amounts of raw salads in your meals. I may be sounding funny to you while asking you to add salads alongside dosas and idlis, but trust me, it tastes nice and it works for weight loss.

• Try learning using microwave to cook your meals. This way, you can cook with less oil. Additionally, the taste would also be incredible, giving you a feeling as if the curry has been shallow fried.

• Eliminate processed sugar from your recipes as much as possible. This may seem to be a tough proposition given the fact that Telegu delicacies are meant to be a magical balance of chilies, spices, and sugar. Choose what you will choose- a lifelong enjoyment of your favorite foods or short-term enjoyment that will eventually end with long-term health consequences. The choice is yours!

• Consume up to one liter of low-fat milk everyday. You can afford to have saffron and almond paneer dessert daily- without any guilt.

You are on a right diet when your indulgence is guilt-free. It is possible to lose weight while having foods in any cuisine. Telugu cuisine, with its rich collection of healthy spices, has the potential to contribute to your goals. All you need to do is to strike a balance between what your heart wants and what your brain suggests you to do. Sometime listen to your heart and sometime permit your brain to rule your heart. This is how you can pamper your taste-buds while still staying faithful to your health and receiving all appreciations to do so. Stay well and stay in shape with our 1200 calorie Andhra diet plan for weight loss.

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